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Over 150,000 lives saved!

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Join us in weaving a blanket of light across the globe that will provide protection, as well as both material and spiritual benefit, to the Earth and all of its creatures. May virtuous activities, especially those that engage in saving lives and the environment, spread and become contagious.

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Help prevent abuse and promote causes that bring benefit. Public awareness is often the best way to introduce change. Share with others the stories that you feel need more public awareness. Send information to

Dr Ara Serves 465 Monastics in One Week


Although inspired by the ancient Buddhist practice of life-release, protecting life and the environment is not a religious act. It is foremost a universal humanitarian act of kindness, compassion and wisdom. Anyone can do this and benefit themselves, others and the world. Please join and help this joyful, virtuous work spread and become contagious.

  • Inspired by “Living Buddha” His Holiness Gyalwang Karmapa
  • Assisted and Guided by Tibetan Buddhist Study and Practice Center, Tara Shedrup
  • Created, Managed and Sponsored by Chödrön Foundation*

*Chödrön Foundation is a private charitable foundation that supports the preservation of Buddhist wisdom teachings and related Buddhist-inspired compassionate activities. LifeRelease is just one of many such compassionate activities that Chödrön Foundation has developed and supported.